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Stories from Within: Tamar and Josh Vogel Sharon, Massachusetts

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Why we support the new Boston mikvah

When I moved with my husband to the Boston area as a young couple 9 years ago, I never truly recognized the luxury I had going to the local mikvah in New York. Even though we lived outside of the general Boston community, the Brighton mikvah was still the closest one to where I lived. The Brighton mikvah in comparison to the mikvah I used in New York was not nearly as aesthetically pleasing nor spiritually inspiring, mostly due to the deteriorating condition of the building and its surroundings. Driving a half an hour each way to have a less than positive experience was challenging on many levels.

However, there is something to say of a building that has served generations and its need of support. As the largest mikvah in Boston, the mikvah serves local families , guests, and neighboring communities. The vision of where Boston Jews are headed together as a community at-large and beyond is inspiring to us.

When amenities are modern with state-of-the-art technology meeting 21st century design, it is easier to have a positive mikvah experience. This does not mean that the facility must be a spa, but that its walls emulate the ideal experience and mark the elevated transition point at which a couple resumes intimacy. A more inviting mikvah fosters this interaction and reaction. While women may individually treat the experience differently, it takes a certain type of sensitivity to recognize the communal responsibility to even help one person on the fence.

My high school principal would often say “kol kvoda bat melech penima,” which means the honor and dignity of the daughter of the king is from within. The mikvah, we are taught is the innermost foundation of Jewish life. If we do not honor it, it impacts the woman who sets the tone of the home. Mikvah is the core essence and driving force, whether we like it or not.

My husband and I collectively recognize that the mikvah in Brighton enabled Jewish life to thrive and even be viable in all of New England. It is important to us, as one of the thousands among thousands of women who have entered the doors of 101 Washington street to give back. One, out of hakarat hatov and second, to ensure that women, like me, can be even just a bit closer to appreciate their every moment at the mikvah from preparation to immersion.

Whether you live in the Boston area, have since moved, or find that you are no longer in the position of needing to use mikvah, please consider the legacy and impact you create by being a part of this project and supporting others. Visit www.newbostonmikvah.org today.

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