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Stories from Within: Rabbi Zvi and Yehudis Solomon

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Why do we support the mikvah?

If someone told you they ran THE organization that would ensure the future of our People and reduce the ills that face our families in these troubled times, who wouldn’t step up to donate?

When we first heard about the wonderful campaign to build a new mikvah we instinctively said to ourselves--How can we not do our part to help build this new Boston Mikvah? Supporting the mikvah is among the list of things we do to provide basic necessities such as food, oxygen, and utilities for our family. The critical necessities of life we often take for granted but we all instinctively realize we can’t live without. Yes, we have so many obligations and causes to support, but the mikvah should be at the top. Here’s why:

The mikvah experience is where Jewish life begins. It is akin to the Jewish wedding. Let’s go deeper than the basic mechanics. We all deeply understand why there is a mitzvah to celebrate and contribute to the joy of a bride and groom. Providing emotional support and engendering love and excitement on that special day will directly impact their relationship and their future as a family. The mikvah is exactly the same. It is the foundational means through which a husband and wife can have a relationship. Through mikvah, couples grow deeply in their relationship and have the potential of perpetuating Jewish destiny. But there are relationships, and then there are relationships. To have an aesthetically pleasing and superb experience at the mikvah will directly impact the mindset and mood of the women who walk through its doors. What a difference a new mikvah will make on that relationship!

Our Torah teaches that purity of thought and peace of mind play a critical role in intimacy, and particularly on the physical and spiritual well being of the couple and their offspring. If all couples truly lived the total mikvah and taharas hamishpacha experience flawlessly, it is highly likely that many of the physical and spiritual issues that trouble our community today would be rectified. Our new Boston Mikvah has the potential to revitalize families in the deepest way for eternity.

So, we strongly urge you to join us-- even if you are at a stage of life where you don’t visit the mikvah anymore--supporting the mikvah is one of the most vital investments you can make.

Please commit yourself to support the new Boston Mikvah campaign in any way you can--for now and for our future!

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