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Why we support the new Boston mikvah:

When we first moved to Boston 23 years ago, I noticed that the Daughters of Israel mikvah was a common place where local women from different backgrounds would come and participate in the mitzvah of Mikvah. To my husband and I, mikvah is a precious mitzvah which brings renewal and rejuvenation to a Jewish home. As we began our new marriage, we discovered the challenges as well as the gifts that came along while observing this mitzvah. The mitzvah of mikvah is a very personal and sensitive feminine experience. When the experience is a warm, welcoming and inviting one, women will be more comfortable returning to the mikvah on a regular basis. It is essential for every community to have a welcoming, clean and inviting mikvah experience. It is truly a spa for the soul.

We were so excited to hear that plans were underway to rebuild a mikvah with the highest standard of Halacha that will be aesthetically beautiful, clean, will provide accommodations for many needs and most of all will enhance women's experience when observing this mitzvah. We definitely wanted to be a part of this exciting project!

The dedication and support from the community is inspiring! Many community members have given countless hours of their time as well as financial support to ensure the success and fruition of this important project.

We hope and pray that the new Daughters of Israel Mikvah will serve many women of all ages in future generations providing Shalom Bayit and purity into their homes.

The mitzvah of mikvah is conducted in a very modest manner and is often not advertised to the public. Nevertheless It is important for every family to participate even if in a small way for the rebuilding of the new Boston Mikvah. In the same way that we support our schools, shuls and kosher restaurants, it is important that we all contribute.

This Tu Be'av, celebrate love and support one of the most important establishments in New England. May we merit to build a Bayit Ne’eman B’yisrael!

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